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2009-06-12 01:39 am

MY additions to the Cast List

So that other post doesn't really provide anything useful, does it? I mean, just names and stuff. So I'm going to add things we can all relate to to characterize the three bastards, Al and I! Heyy... That makes us a Five Man Band, doesn't it? But we've got two Lancers, no Big Guy, and The Chick's just the token gay man.* Oh well. On to the posty!

by Kitsune!

Together, we're a Badass Crew comprised of a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits who also happen to be a Cast Full of Gay (Well, mostly bi. But Al's gay. And the body's transsexual, so that counts, too). It's actually pretty awesome if you think about this in terms of being a ship or something. I get to be Kaylee!

For individuals, let's start with Xan, since he likes to think of himself as the leader. He wants to be the Captain, but he's actually... well... Rimmer. Anyway. He's a bit of a Control Freak, but we can forgive him for being a Hurting Hero. Originally (and still, somewhat) a bit of a Blank Slate, he serves as Cinders' megalomaniacal Master Computer. He didn't gas us too severely, but he did remove our ability to eat cake. Screw you, Xan. Screw you.

Next, um... Al, since he doesn't get that much screentime. He comes from a race of Rubber Forehead Alien Space Elves. They're a Witch Species with (fuzzy) Pointy Ears, and by human standards, pretty much all the men, Al included, are Bishounen. He's also a Straight Gay Squishy Wizard who never got over the Mourning After when he lost his lifemate. To the point of it being a bit of a creepy obsession. He sometimes still gets the thought that his love might still be out there somewhere, reincarnated. Maybe even on Earth.

John is literally the trope-origin for the Trenchcoat Briagde who found himself here with little explanation. He showed up with Easy Amnesia (likely self-inflicted, he admits) and only fragments of his Dark And Troubled Past. He's a Deadpan Snarker Mean Brit with lingering Rage Against The Heavens and a tendency to try and Drown His Sorrows. It rarely works, but Xan worries we'll end up alcoholic anyway.

Then there's Zakai. Oh, Zak. He's way more Bishounen than even Al, and tops it off with being a Depraved Bisexual. An Empath with a Dark And Troubled Past that puts anyone else's to shame, he comes off as Affably Evil, but he's practically the definition of a Zen Survivor. In the past, and even now when the game requires it, he is a badass Chessmaster that swaggers confidently into the realm of being a Magnificent Bastard. Though he and John certainly both have their moments.

Last but not least, ME! Kitsune. That isn't really my true name, but I'm an Obake Fox, and it gives me extra mysteriousness, y'know? I'm a Cloudcuckoolander Genki Manic Pixie Dreamgirl. My thing for computers makes me a Playful Hacker, and the old 2600's aren't mine, really. >_>; Some people would imply that my hyperactivity and tendency to bounce from one thing to another are symptoms of Attention Deficit... Ooh! Shiny!

* Thinking about this further, if you kick Xan out and wake Taka up more, it fits decently well. John would probably be the Hero, Zak the Lancer, I'm the Smart One, usually, I guess. Al's The Chick, Taka... No! Jones! JONES IS THE BIG GUY! Also double-duty as the smart one. And the Battle-Butler. Except I'm not sure he's actually showed up here, just been a character who seemed to write himself. Anyway. um. Where was I going again?
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2009-06-12 04:02 am

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2009-06-12 11:57 pm


We've started a new system to keep track of things, discourage Xan's (and, well, all of our) procrastination and to reward those who will front and actually get things done. Thusfar, I am firmly in the lead. And as I'm relatively low-maintenance... *steeples fingers* Dance, my pretties. Dance for my favor! Bwahahahaha!

I expect that if this works beyond a day or two, there will be an explanatory post forthcoming.