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Cleaning. Lots of cleaning. Things seem to be looking up. Xan noticed that you can tell I'm around because my nose is constantly stuck in a book. I'm almost shy to admit what it is I'm reading, though. The truth is, I wanted to revisit the old Mercedes Lackey books from the Velgarth universe. Finished Arrows of the Queen, in the middle of Arrow's Flight. I identified with Talia a lot because of the empathy thing, though mine (the body's? Xan seems to have mostly locked it down, but Al still gets it, and so does Zak... though they were both empaths of sorts in their previous lives. Not sure about John or Kitsune.) isn't nearly as spectacular. Neither was Zak's, for that matter, though his was very clear and intense at short ranges. But feeling people from miles away? It'd drive someone insane, shields or not.

Threw out the old letters from the obsessive boyfriend. Xan had kept them. I didn't, and I was the one he'd been with. He was a codependent asshole who pretty much raped us, and tried to fit us into his fantasy world in a shape that really didn't fit... But I suppose he did do his part in making me what I am. And making Kai, probably. And contributing to the hurts that drove me underground for five years. But he's married, now, and happy. I'm not entirely sure he's changed much, but as long as she's cool with him, that's all the better, right? Here's to letting go of hard feelings, and letting go of the past.

I did pull out our collection of stuffed dinosaurs from when we were a tiny kid, though. Just seemed like the right thing to do.

Xan's been working on German again. Will have to see how learning another language works when we're being as switchy as we are lately. I used to study Japanese, but that never really went beyond a light conversational level, and we didn't keep up with it.


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