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Current as of 06/17/2009.

The Band of Bastards (main fronts)

Xan - Shapeshifter/Intelligent construct. Androgynous male. Seems innately linked to the system controlling the brain's memories, habits, and knowledge. Believes himself to have been created in an identity restructuring sometime in the spring of 2004. Has very little identity of his own, and flows and adapts to fit what the situation requires. Something of a control freak, he's also the face that most of the world has dealt with in the past. People fall in love with him very easily, though he's rather asexual, himself.

Zakai - Human. Male. Bishounen. Empathic. Remembers living and dying in a previous life where he both experienced and did Very Unpleasant Things. Currently one of the most stable and laid-back members of the House. Extrovert. Hits on anything that moves. Sense of humor so dark that black holes get lost in it.

John - Human. Male. Showed up with very fragmented memories of his past, later found an identity that seemed to fit, uncomfortable as it was for all of us. Officer in charge of Drinking, Smoking, and Foul Language. Has a hard time choosing a favorite sin--he's a fan of them all. Charismatic conman with deep issues that he's still trying to work through. Formerly referred to as "Luc" or "Grey".


Ariel - Human? Female. Geek girl. Bookworm of epic proportions. Former front, still trying to figure out her current place in things. Slept for quite a few years and was actually sorta kept in stasis by Xan because he was afraid she'd freak out and destroy him. It... didn't happen. She's calm and optimistic, in stark contrast to Xan's pessimism and depression, but is often able to get through to him and help him realize that things aren't as bleak as they seem.

Kitsune - Kitsune. Female. Hyperactive technophilic Japanese fox-spirit. Caffeine addict. Linux nerd. Can be a lot more mature than she usually acts, but chooses not to be, thus annoying the hell out of everyone.

Alharakyun'jyee ("Al") - Alien cat-elf-thing (Terahai, in their own language). Male. Natural mage and healer, has difficulty communicating effectively in English/accessing the brain's skills and habits. Very lonely and displaced. Capable and wise, but feels aimless stranded here.

Nameless - Unknown species. Genderless (or gender-fluid?). Intensely sexual. Suicidally masochistic, it wants to be violated, broken, and debased. Its influence has been here a long, long time, and we don't really know where it came from. Strangely, though it barely speaks, when allowed to paint, it created a weird composition in brilliant jewel-tones, and represented itself with the image of a burning orange feather, singed at the edges and crumbling into the flame. Zakai recognizes the feelings, but claims he never surrendered as much as Nameless does. Whether Nameless is an actual person or just a fragmentary set of feelings and reactions is hard to say at this time.


Taka - Human. Male. Samurai from late 18th century Japan. Almost never fronts, doesn't use modern technology.
Liz - Female unseelie sidhe.
Kai - Female anthropomorphic personification, seems tied to Ariel. Al's nemesis. Reminds us a bit of Zak...


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