Jun. 23rd, 2009

cindershouse: (Xan - Shadow)
Crazy. Worried again that I'm not multiple at all, just delusional. Stressing out and depressed. Doesn't help that the person closest at hand is Nameless (as I've dubbed 'him'), who is... dark. Very dark. Suicidally masochistic, very submissive, very deeply hurt in some way. Doesn't really talk to us. Awesome painter, though. Zak's around sometimes, which makes it easier to deal with, but the body's in a lot of pain and the dysphoria's hitting him, so he doesn't really want to front. Everybody else has been kinda quiet except for just getting flickers of John's presence. I still feel awkward calling him that, even if it's his decision. He's still Luc to me. :|


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